The Gift of Sensible Shoes


When Sharon and East African missionary Leslie Mosher first met, they quickly discovered their mutual heart for ministry. Together they developed a way to provide 'sensible shoes' to children in need in East Africa. For just $10, you can provide a pair of shoes to a child who desperately needs it, while helping local pastors share the love of Christ in their communities.


Leslie is the founder of Surprised By Hope, which provides education and resources for pastors and ministry leaders in East Africa. Read about how the sensible shoes ministry came to be from Leslie's perspective on the Surprised By Hope blog.



For just $10, Surprised by Hope will provide a simple pair of plastic shoes for a child in need. These shoes are made locally and are affordable to many, easy to slip on and off for all ages, provide protection from parasites, and are easy for children to wash.


"When I sat down with Leslie Mosher I sensed that God had a special connection in mind for us. I listened to her story with wonder, marveling at how God had helped her to steward her grief and loss by becoming a missionary in East Africa. I knew I wanted to do something to support her work with widows and orphans there. Now we have an opportunity to help provide 'sensible shoes' to barefoot children."

Sharon Garlough Brown